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  1. Q: What does Barlet Contracting do?

    A: Barlet Contracting can provide full design services (including product selection) from the budgeting and estimating phase right through to the Development Application and Permit Acquisition phase.

    Barlet Contracting will also operate as the General Contractor which means it not only performs the renovation work, but is also able to provide all the key people required for your project including engineers, electricians, painters, plumbers, drywall finishers etc.

  2. Q: I can arrange for the different sub-contractors so why would I use Barlet Contracting?

    A: First because Barlet Contracting is experienced and managing a project requires both good contacts and a lot time. If you're able to devote close to full-time hours to your project then doing it yourself is a viable option. The second reason to use Barlet Contracting is its contacts. The company regularly uses the same sub-contractors and suppliers and therefore can be assured of excellent service and top quality supplies. Barlet Contracting's sub-contractors are reliable and conscientious people who arrive on time and perform the tasks they agreed to perform. They in turn feel a sense of responsibility to Barlet Contracting and therefore there is no risk to our clients of any sub-standard work being done. There are no shortcuts taken and any problems which should be addressed are taken care of immediately.

  3. Q: I can go shopping so why would I use Barlet Contracting's suppliers?

    A: You certainly don't need to but because of the long term relationships the company has with its suppliers it can count on them for quality materials, reasonable and timely delivery dates and superior installations. Barlet Contracting is also happy to pass on to you, its clients, purchasing discounts that it receives from suppliers. The only mark up is the disbursement fee charged on materials and sub-contractors.

  4. Q: How do I know Barlet Contracting isn't over-charging me?

    A: Barlet Contracting pricing is very clear charging only for the cost of materials and contractors to which overhead and disbursement fees are applied. 15% is added for overhead to cover the cost of tools, phones, fuel, vehicles, accounting and office expenses plus a further 5% for profit on the project. All invoices are clearly itemized showing material and contractor charges, overhead and profit fees as described plus labour charges. Finally, taxes are added.

  5. Q: Will we hear from Barlet Contracting again after the project is done?

    A: If you own a home there is always work to be done and Barlet Contracting is just a phone call away ready to help out whether its minor repairs or being available to coordinate the emergency install of a new hot water tank. Some clients even have Barlet Contracting on speed dial so that it can respond to emergencies or just simple repairs on an on-call basis.


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